Amazon Kindle Device Specifications, Problems and Solutions

There are very few peoples in this world who actually reads books on a daily basis and I’m pretty much sure they must be good at something with the knowledge and wisdom they possess due to reading so many good books. In this era of modern technology, we hardly read a physical copy of books since everything is available online especially books but very few apps provide good quality of ebooks and that’s why today I’m here writing about Kindle device which is one of the best devices made for all the bookworms.

amazon kindle deviceI still remember that day when the first time I bought amazon kindle and at that time I had no idea about what to read or how to use it. Many people want to read or they “were” a bookworm once but now due to the busy schedule, they don’t get that much amount of time to buy the book and read it completely.

Amazon Kindle is specifically made for those types of peoples because it is lighter than many physical books and one can have tons of good books saved in it and treat it as their virtual library.

So if you’re planning to buy kindle device then here are some Amazon Kindle Device Specifications about it which might give you about what it is.

  • Bookerly Font- If there’s one thing which makes amazon kindle readers feel special while reading then it’s bookerly font because everyone will love to read in this font which will take them directly into the content of the books.
  • High-Resolution Screen- Amazon Kindle offers a wide e-ink touchscreen with the resolution of 1440*1080 which is efficient to read a book without getting distracted.
  • Lighter in Weight- Amazon Kindle is lighter than some actual physical books because it weighs only 205g and one can carry it easily.
  • WiFi Enabled- You can connect your Amazon Kindle to your local wifi to save or download books from the Kindle store.
  • Support Other Formats- Kindle support multiple formats like PDF, TXT, MOBI, PRC

Kindle Problems and Solutions

Sometimes technical devices give us some headache and if you’re using amazon kindle then you might face some common problems which very kindle user most of the times face like Kindle Won’t connect to wifi, Kindle won’t turn on etc. and here I’ve written some possible solutions for them so have a look at them.

Problem 1- Kindle Device Won’t Turn On

Most of the times the reason why kindle device won’t turn on is that of the low battery. So if you’re trying to turn on your Kindle device then make sure that it’s fully charged and even after the device is fully charged and the problem continues then it might be a hardware problem and in that case you will have to check whether it’s USB port or power adapter which has got the problems.

If even after trying another power adapter your kindle device is not getting charged up then it must be a hardware problem and in that case, it’s better to contact amazon kindle support.

Problem 2- Kindle Won’t Connect to WiFi

If your device is not connecting to your local wifi network then you won’t be able to access kindle and in that in case here are some things which you can do.

  • Restart Wifi Connection-  First of all, restart the wifi connection on your Kindle device and after that try to locate your wifi network and connect it.
  • Restart kindle- Even after restarting wifi connection on your Kindle device you’re still not able to connect to your wifi then try to reset kindle device which shall help you to connect to the nearest wifi.

While the above methods are very basic and simple but also make sure that your router is working properly and try to restart your modem and router also and then try to connect your device with wifi network. If the problem still continues then contact your internet service provider amazon kindle support.

Contact Our Kindle Customer Support Team

If you face any problems while using kindle device then it’s better to call Kindle customer support for any technical help and you can get into touch with them from here.

So this is how can get into the virtual library of books with the help of the amazing amazon kindle device and I hope you liked this article. If you’re having any trouble while operating this device then you can comment down the problem. 

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