Tips to get better battery life on Android

Undoubtedly one of the biggest problems faced by users of smartphones is the battery life of these devices. Few terminals with regular use can last about 12 hours ( here we saw some battery life ), so it is important to know that we do so we can get through the day to our homes with lit cell.

better battery like on android

Disable the report location and history :

GPS is a major consumer of battery because it uses data chip GPS phone, cell phone antennas and access points Wi -Fi to find your location. The more you use location services, more battery is used. And that goes beyond just Google Maps.Location Reporting and Location History are two based on GPS with unclear motives services. According to a help page of Google these services can be used in conjunction with any other Google Apps, and can be used to enhance your experience.However, you can probably live without them, so you can disable these two features only see Settings> Location> Report Location of Google.

Disable cards Google Now :

Google Now is a personal assistant unmatched, but some of its services – which come in the form of “flyers” – are the exhausting of unremitting battery.For example, a card called “Nearby Places” shows nearby attractions when you travel to a place that Google recognizes is out of your usual routine. OK? Yes. Necessary? No.To deactivate cards, go to Google Now, then scroll down to the end, and plays the magic wand. Here, you can choose the cards you really need. As a general guide, the cards that rely on GPS require more battery power, so you might be better off cards like “Time Travel” and “Nearby Places” for better battery life.

Scanning Wi -Fi :

It is well known that when the Wi-Fi enabled more energy is used. However, Android, even when Wi -Fi is off the phone could still make the search for networks. To ensure that this is not happening, go to Wi-Fi Settings> Advanced, then disable the “search always available” option.In the future, you have to connect to Wi -Fi manually, but get a longer battery life in return.

better battery like on android


Use Tool Battery :

If you are not sure how demanding energy is an application, or you’re wondering why the battery is running out so quickly, use the tool battery. This feature shows you which applications use the most battery, although insurance the first two elements are screen and Wi-Fi.

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