How to Discover / Find virus in Hidden Attachment

Almost since the inception of computers, and even more with their overcrowding led in almost every corner of the planet has a PC, the development of viruses and malware accompanied permanently technological innovations on especially as far as software is concerned. Therefore, with the passage of time were created in tandem solutions that allow tackling these cyber threats, which can even bring down the entire operating system of a computer. But then, simultaneously also the virus were to mutate and development was becoming increasingly complex, thereby seeking to circumvent security systems.

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 Find virus in hidden attachment

While it is very true that when using permanently reliable antivirus in our PC can achieve lower almost the maximum possible income of a virus in the system, there are certain exceptions, which never too care or preventive procedures that can be performed after the security and integrity of our computers, and especially in defense our sensitive information. Precisely in this context we all know that one of the alternatives most used to spread viruses and malware from the Internet is concentrated largely in the e-mail system. Through the boxes mails, malicious that spread viruses and malware send a lot of emails, which in turn are replicated, containing the famous attachments. Usually attachments in emails often contain malicious code that simply run can reach our hard disk and thence cause damage, or through malware, gain access to our private information, such as data on a bank account, and steal that information. For these reasons, it is essential to always be alert to spare a real pain head, so here we present some guidelines to keep in mind that can help you identify those attachments that can become dangerous. One of the first things we must always keep in mind is at all times avoid opening attachments unexpected, even in cases where these emails come from people we know.

How to Discover / Find virus in hidden attachment

 Find virus in hidden attachment

If the email was sent by a friend, it is highly recommended prior to opening the attachment, contact that friend and ask if it was really the one who sent us the file in question. Because lots of malicious software needs to connect to Internet to conduct their harmful tasks, it is advisable that we make sure that the firewall is active and updated, as this will prevent the virus generate unauthorized connections. It is important to note that in fact only available an antivirus installed on the PC is not enough, since it is advisable to periodically perform explorations in search of threats, and thus can ensure that our computer is virus free. At present, due to the needs of users are already many companies that offer mail service, and added to it an integrated antivirus, which is responsible for automatically scan attachments sent and received, so it is always recommended to use these services . Another aspect that allows us to avoid downloading, perhaps unintentionally, a dangerous attachment to our PC resides in disable automatic downloading attachments, from setup and adjustments in our email box.

 Find virus in hidden attachment


At the same time it is important that we always stay notified and alerts to software updates and security news service that sends the email in which we have our own. Lastly, in addition to use common sense and quick scan before opening an attachment that is we suspect, is very aware that if we Windows users should always avoid opening any executable file, ie whose extension is .exe, .com or .bat, since without doubt it will be a virus.

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