Google Assistant has Spread Across Asia Promising New Features

Google assistant has become famous worldwide that is available in many languages. It is estimated that the Google assistant would be available in 30 languages for Android users.

In February this year, the company announced that they would have Google assistant available in Indonesian and Thai languages for the users in Asia. The breakthrough has made public excited for the next update. Moreover, the users with speaking more than one language would have the more significant benefit of the application. This feature would be helpful for those who speak different languages at home and offices.

The Rapid Growth of Google Assistant in Android

Google Assistant New Features

Google has been using the operating system of Android to provide the Google Assistant to the users worldwide. The company has achieved brand loyalty even amid the high competitive advantage. The company aims to provide the similar system to smart TVs and other devices having speakers. The voice app service has been able to attract many customers because of wide usage. The Google assistant is available in the countries such as Japan, Singapore, and India. Recently, it was announced that Google home would also be available for Koreans by the end of 2018. However, the availability of the Google Home facility for the Thailand and Indonesia is not announced publicly; people have still presumed its occurrence. The assumption, however, is reasonable concerning the arrival of Google assistant in the two countries by the end of next year.

Google Assistant New Features Availability

At present, Google has the capability of understanding various languages; the consumers cannot make a switch. The language selection is manually done from the settings. However, the feature of multilingual would bring out betterment for the was announced in March that the Google assistant would be able to understand about 30 languages, including Asian within a month. The application can understand the Indonesian language in a better way by giving all support to the public.

However, the multilingual feature would not be available for all the languages. The company will announce the feature in French, German, and English language. The company assures that they would be adding more languages, followed by other Asian ones.

By the end of this year, the Google Assistant application would be able to jump eight languages without going in the settings. The company would get an advantage over the competitors like Alexa and Siri. The users would be able to have better integration with the assistant throughout the year.

Assistant pattern

At first, the company is set to provide better services through Google Assistant in smartphones. As soon as the language familiarity increases, the Google can launch Google Home service that would act as an extension to the Assistant.

It would help in providing service accuracy to the users. For this, the company has to follow three strategies to ensure growth.

The shift to voice is nothing but one of the aspects of their ultimate plan to bring about
higher growth. Since the global market share of the android concerning the speaking devices like

Assistant is 85%, the Google has the benefit over the other competitors because of new upcoming features. It would spread rapidly in Asia because of the availability of multilingual languages.

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