Download HP Laptop Drivers for Windows 7/8/10

We all use HP laptops or desktop and sometimes while using it we face various types of problems and one of those problems is hardware of our PC is not working properly. When you’re using   windows PC one of the things which you shall make sure is that you’re having a current version of drivers running because most of the times the reason behind not working of the printer, mouse, or any other hardware device is not having a proper version driver running in your system.

Many people due to that search for HP drivers download for Windows 7/8/10 and here you’ll find a perfect solution for it.

I still remember the first time I found out about the importance of having updated or new drivers in my system when I was not able to connect the printer to the system and many people don’t know this but having an updated version of drivers is very essential. Because if you’re having a trouble connecting any of the hardware to your system then it’s time to download new drivers or update the old ones and if you’re an HP laptop user then you must be in search of hp laptop drivers for windows and here I’ve briefly stated how you can download these drivers in a legitimate way.

How to Download HP Drivers for Windows 8/10

I’ve seen many people downloading HP drivers from various unauthorised sites and one of the most essential thing about drivers is that if you don’t install a perfect driver that matches with your current windows version then you might crash your whole system. Many people who use HP product need to download hp drivers for windows 8 from the official site because if they did from any other third party site then there are chances of malware or adware. So if you want to download hp drivers for windows 10 then follow these procedure simple procedure.

  • First of all, go to the official website of HP and make sure that you have the information regarding the HP product name and the OS running in your system.
  • Now on “Software and Drivers” page put down the HP model number which you possess
  • Then you will be seeing the instructions on your screen and follow these instructions carefully until you reach the driver download page. Select the system like Windows 7/8/10 which is running on your system and then on the update. In earlier steps, if you’ve already selected windows version of your PC then you can also click on skip.

update hp drivers for windows 10

  • Now click on Download option and after clicking your drivers will start to get an update and wait till it gets finishes. Sometimes it takes some few minutes depending upon various things so have a little patience.

download hp drivers for windows 10

So this is how you can download/ or update the current drivers running on your system and I said before downloading the wrong type of drivers might ruin your system too so choose to download drivers only from official sites. However, there are some third-party sites on whom you can trust but most of the times you will have to pay a little bit of money to avail their service and many people who want hp drivers download free need, not their service if you just follow the above-mentioned instructions.


So this is how you can download or update the HP drivers for free and if you’ve got any query or doubts regarding this issue then let us know about it by leaving a comment down below this post.

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