Tips to Improve the Ranking and Traffic for your Blog

Did you just create a blog and do not know how to increase traffic? Do not know what to do to optimize your posts and they appear in Google on the first results?

Nowadays there are many platforms to build your own blog from the most popular free and quickly though and used are WordPress and Blogger . In a few years the number of blogs has grown exponentially but at the same time, it has lowered the number of active blogs. The key to success of a blog lies in the quality of the posts but if you do not have a good search engine positioning is useless because nobody will read.

If you want to know how to improve the ranking of your blog and increase visits I encourage you to follow the following tips to apply in every post you compose, in my opinion, are simple and very effective:

Tips to Improve Ranking of your Blog Posts

improve blog ranking and traffic

1 Keywords :

The keywords are those that summarize the text. It is very important to take time before you start to create the post and choose the keywords that you think the user will use in their searches.

These words will be the basis of your article and posts must write thinking of them (and the user in mind, not just Google). In addition, you also use to write the post title, description, text, tags, image names, links, etc. There are many tools to choose the best keywords for your article but the best are: Planner keywords Google , Google Trends or Google Suggestions (auto search).

Tip: Do not forget to include any relevant word, it creates a document with the possible keywords, synonyms and different combinations between them.


2 The Post Title :

Once you’ve chosen the topic of the post, I recommend “use” the brain for a few minutes to pick a catchy title that includes keywords and summarizing properly the contents of the article . It’s advisable that the title does not exceed 70 characters and also add a generic search.

Example : “8 tips to improve the positioning of your blog and increase visits | SEO and SEO”

Tip: Utilize WordPress installation Plugin “All in One SEO Pack” or “WordPress SEO plugin Yoast”

3 Description Post :

The description of the post appears in the search engines as a summary under the title of your article. Therefore, we must pay special attention to include the keywords and also the title of the post in it.

Tip : Do not exceed 160 characters

4 URL Post :


After writing a compelling headline recommend you customize the url of the entry to include the keywords you selected.

In WordPress , there is an option to customize the links in ” Settings -> Permalinks “and should avoid links that come by default and does not include the post title or keywords.


5. Text post :

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the quality and originality of content is vital to the survival and success of a blog. I recommend you select current issues and own content ( Don’t copy other posts ). In addition, Google rewards the blogs that are constantly updated so if you have time, try to post about 2 or 3 posts at least weekly.

6 Links :

In any search engine optimization strategy, internal links and outbound links play a crucial role. There is no set rule on what is the optimum number of inbound and outbound links we should include in our article but it is recommended to have a balance.

Tips: Use links pointing to internal pages of a website or blog, or not to the home page.

(a) Outgoing Links :

Link your keywords to other relevant blogs or websites that are well positioned and related to your topic or that keyword. With this you will increase your “points” to improve the ranking of your blog.

Be careful when choosing the links and make sure that we include are quality. To do this, I recommend using tools like Alexa toolbar or display PageRank Google bar.


Tip: Whenever you add a link, the visible text link or ” Anchor text “should summarize the contents of that link (eg: See more at Search Engine “) and avoid stop words such as” here “,” this link “or” link “.

(b) Internal Links :

Internal links allow search engine bots index our site to check its structure, content, identify new sites and therefore attribute “relevance.”

Tip : How many times have you copied your posts and have not cited the source? A good recommendation is to include links to your own blog in the post. With this, get recommendations when publishing your post on another website and will help you better position your blog, categories, posts or pages.

7 Bold, italic and underline :

Google bots analyzing blogs are not set to position only the content but also analyze the bold and italics, among others. My recommendation is to use bold to highlight keywords , italics for technical terms, quotations or words in another language and underline for links.

8 Images :

We usually forget the images of the SEO side but they are a good option to appear in the top search results and also is very simple optimization.

Tips : Do not forget to include a description in the ALT attribute . Change the title of the image before uploading to the blog, for this, use keywords and hyphens (example:-permanent wordpress.jpg-seo-links). It is also recommended to place the image at the top of the post.

In addition to these 8 tips, there are many more techniques of SEO both OnPage as offpage : link exchange, directory submission, Plugins, Code and Programming or share on social networking which I will discuss in future articles related to Online Marketing .

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