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Bixby app is a virtual assistant that has been developed by Samsung representing the company’s voice towards their rival Siri in iPhones. The Bixby assists the android device users to complete their tasks in a simple way and even learns your routine and makes notice remembering the things that you need to do at times.

bixby app apk

In short, the android devices users can make use of a voice command within Bixby to complete even basic features of their smartphone, like initiating a call, sending out a text message, answering a phone call, searching for a restaurant bar and much more. The app is yet to be made available for a download at Google’s Play Store, until then one can get Bixby app installed to their android device by obtaining the Bixby apk files.

What is Bixby App?

The Bixby is a digital assistant application that has been developed as a competitor to Google’s Assistant and to Apple’s Siri. The Bixby has a predominantly voice-controlledbixby app features AI that shall provide a new way to interact with your android running smartphone, by bypassing the entire touchscreen. The Bixby application is installed in default in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices and other android devices can get the application from Google’s Play Store very soon.

Unique Features of Bixby:

Bixby apk for android can talk, see, recommend and remind you with many things in your daily busy life.

The Bixby app for Samsung shall forever change the way you are about operate your smartphone with. This is because you can make use of Bixby to open up your camera and search for a product that in front of you.

By pointing the camera towards a location, a product or to a restaurant, the Bixby shall search for the locked location and display with tons of results that can help you know about them at first place.

One can even scan a document from Bixby camera and translate the document to their preferred language. These unique Bixby features have completely destroyed the need to type and search for things online. Scanning and getting instant results is what makes Bixby the most used virtual assistant in recent days.

How to Download Bixby app?

Download Bixby app to your android running device by making use of the latest apk files of the app.
The app shall be featured very soon on Google’s Play Store for a download too. If you are not having Bixby app in your latest android running smartphone, then you can download them through apk files. The official links to download the app is yet to be made available on Google’s Play Store and it shall reach the same very soon. Until then, the Bixby app can be downloaded, installed and accessed through these apk files. The apk files do have the latest version of Bixby app and they do have every other new feature that is periodically updated for the Samsung Bixby users.

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How to Use Bixby App?

There are many different ways to make use of Bixby app that can help you access things even without touching the screen of your smartphone. The Bixby app can be easily launched by just saying ‘Hi Bixby’ command to the device that has the app installed in them. The following is a list of ways to make use of Bixby in your daily life:

To toggle device settings– Bixby can be used to toggle with basic settings in your smartphone. All you need to do is to make commands based upon the settings that need to change with. Simple voice commands can toggle up the device default settings and change them as per your priority.

Shortcut commands- The commands that you are saying out to open up an app, let the smartphone perform an action or anything can be shortened by recording a shortcut command for the same. Visit the Bixby Home in your smartphone and get into Quick commands to record the shortcut commands that can help the smartphone perform things at ease next time upon hearing a shorten command for the same action.

Turning on dictation straight from keyboard- While typing within any app, make a press upon the Bixby button to dictate the words that you have written in them. This type of dictation can make it easier to continue typing the content without any kind of mistakes happening at first place.

What Kind of Devices Does Bixby Support?

The Bixby virtual assistant app is at present installed in default on Samsung S8 and S8 Plus devices, while other Samsung users can get a hand on the app by downloading the same in the form of apk files to their devices. If you are using an old android running smartphone or tablet, then you need to wait for an official release of Bixby that shall be made very soon by Samsung.

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