Download and Install WhatsApp for Blackberry Smart Phone free

A couple of years ago, nobody knew WhatsApp; this application, which allows you to chat with all your contacts immediately at no cost, was popularized by smartphones, such as, iPhone or BlackBerry. If the past few days you have one of these latest mobile devices and still do not know how to enjoy WhatsApp in want to show to install the app step by step. It’s easy to Download Whatsapp for Blackberry smartphone!

download whatsapp on blackberry

Download WhatsApp for Blackberry

  • Go to ‘App World‘ from the main menu of your BlackBerry.
  • Once inside the app download, go to the search engine and type ‘WhatsApp’.
  • The main result of the search ‘WhatsApp Messenger’ should appear, the cost is usually € 0.79; however, but sometimes is completely free.
  • Click on ‘WhatsApp Messenger’ in this new screen, read everything you want but don’t forget to click ‘Download’ at the end.

Scroll Down to Download Whatsapp for Blackberry

  • Make sure you’re logged in on App world, if you’re not head to the TOP part of the website and create an Account (ID) or log in with your existing one. (you’ll need an email for this)
  • If you are logged in, WhatsApp should be downloaded now. BlackBerry will show the process and once completed, it will appear in the Downloads folder or in the main menu on your mobile device. That’s all!

You need :

A mobile device with Internet access.


Note that you can only enjoy WhatsApp Messenger with a mobile phone number. Don’t have a mobile phone number? Get a temporary phone number from Nexmo.

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