iOS 11.3: Battery Performance Option

Apple released the iOS 11.3, including battery health monitoring features and recommendation if a battery needs to be replaced. The new update, promised by Apple, falls after criticism over its revelation that it slows down older iPhones to prolong battery life without telling customers.

iOS 11.3: Battery Health Feature

So, their new battery performance option that allow you more control and you can see the health of your battery and being able to turn off their peak optimization features.

This new feature was first available in ios 11.3 and premiered in beta 2. It applies to iPhone se, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus, 7 and 7 plus changes.
If you have got an iphone 8, 8 plus and 10 then your battery are gonna be perfectly fine because It’s brand new.

Now, a little bit of background behind this for anyone who just was not aware of everything that was going on but basically Apple introduces a feature not too long ago that would lower the peak performance of your phone.
So, namely when you are doing something intensive like playing a graphic-heavy game or editing a video anytime you did something like that it could take a big peak shock on your battery and if your battery had degraded to a point where it was no longer functioning as well as it should. It could just shut down your phone and people didn’t want that.

So Apple introduced a feature that it would basically lower the performance of your phone reducing that peak hit on your battery and prevent this shut down on your phone. Now, people also didn’t like that their phone was essentially being throttled without them being told or having the ability to disable that feature. Some people preferred that their phones would shut down on occasion.

Accessing Battery Performance Option

So that is where this new battery health comes into play now.

Go to Settings > BatteryiOS 11.3: Battery Performance Option 1

you will have new battery health feature when you are on either the ios 11.3 beta or ios 11.3. Now it is released. You can see your maximum capacity of your battery compared to what it was new so my phone is relatively new so the batteries at 100% in your peak performance capacity down here which is let you know how your phone is performing.

ios 11 battery health performance

Now, peak performance capability feature will automatically be disabled but once your phone happens to shut off unexpectedly the throttling optimization will be turned on, which is another Apple trick to frustrate us.

So, it turns on for you once your phone shuts down without you actually want it to and then you do have the ability to come in peak performance capability settings and disable that if you don’t want it to throttle your phone. If you don’t want to try to protect you against those shutdowns. You can disable this feature there’s tiny little disable button. There it’s as super small but you do the ability to disable it and once your banner gets super bad there is another new morning that shows up that you can see here on the screen that just lets you know that you should probably replace your battery.

Head to an Apple Authorized Service Center. They can swap that battery and you will get full performance and capacity back after you do that. Apple highlights that are affected and not affected by this performance management so things that are not affected are: call quality, photo and video capture, GPS performance, location accuracy, and your sensors. In Apple pay things do get affected as longer app times lower framerates. Getting lower speaker volume, gradual framerate reductions, in the most extreme cases the flash could be disabled.

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