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Here is a fresh flesh of app and a guide that will help you get iTube APK download for Android. It’s one of the best free YouTube downloader out there. You have been waiting to get this one, right?

When you want more videos than you need to keep in the smartphone, you probably start looking for apps like iTube. These apps are available for free, probably to serve the ever growing hunger for watching more and more videos.

Internet wasn’t this strong about one or two years in countries like India. But, with the growing speed of internet and the likes of 4G connectivity spreading at the PAN India level, we are inching towards the video content eventually. On the side note, it’s also killing the text, leaving a few who prefer reading in modern days.

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But, that’s not all today’s debate. Over here, we are going to learn how to download iTube APK for free and how to make it work on any compatible Android smartphone or even tablet, in case if you still own one.

About iTube app

I don’t think anyone need introduction to iTube application as it is quite popular one among the Android users. The app can be used for iPhone too using a bunch of tricks under the sleeves but, that’s not the topic of the day.

Today we are talking about iTube for Android and that’s where our focus should be. Although, the iTube for iPhone is also similar in looks and functionality with slight changes due to the platform variation.

The app is available for free and there is nothing you need to pay for. It has been developed by Android developers who are keen to develop new apps for the platform, helping the users to enjoy the true freedom of this platform.

There are like millions of videos out there which needs to be downloaded and kept in your smartphone. Why?

Well, we do a lot of sharing of videos and music files with our friends. But, we need to keep all those files in the offline mode so that they don’t consume our otherwise precious data again and again to watch the same thing.

This is the reason why we need to download the videos or music files in the offline mode and keep sharing them with anyone we like to. For sharing purpose, there are already apps like SHAREit or Xender serving the purpose.

iTube APK Download for Android

It’s time to cut the chase and get over to the final thing. You need to simply tap on the following link in the centre and it will redirect to a new webpage, holding down the iTube free APK file.

Download iTube Apk – direct link

Once the APK file is downloaded, go to the Settings of your Smartphone or tablet. Under the Security tab, you need to scroll down and enable an option labeled as, ‘Unknown source.’

After this, tap on the iTube APK you just downloaded and hit the Install button which comes at the next screen.

Within a span of a minute, free iTube Android app will be installed on the device you have. It won’t find any issues unless the device you holding is old and not compatible with modern apps.

Ideally, a smartphone or tablet having, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage should work fine. Also, the Android version should be Kitkat (4.4) or above. To have the best experience, 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage with Android 5.0 Lollipop (or above) is recommended.

How to Download Free YouTube Videos on Android

Once the app is installed and ready to launch, it’s time to tap on the iTube app’s shortcut and start it.

As the app loads up, you’ll have a simple search button which is integrated with the YouTube library of videos and music files. Hit the search tool and type in the favourite keyword to filter out specific videos or music files out of millions available online.

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As you get to the particular video or music file, hit the download button available next to it. Select the quality of the file you wish to grab from the internet, and it will begin downloading on its own.

Make sure a fast and reliable internet connection is provided to the app, as the smartphone or tablet should be connected with. If not, the app might not function properly and you’ll end up having worst experience even if the app works like charm!

Ohh, did I tell you there is no need to learn using iTube app for Android using any other user guide? It’s as simple as using the YouTube app with bunch of additional features to assist with the downloading process.


Over to You

This was all about getting the app installed and using it to download free YouTube videos on Android. Let me know if you face issues with the process to download iTube APK download for Android.

If someone is asking you to pay for iTube app, don’t worry as now you it for free. Don’t forget to share it with others to help them get over with this special requirement.

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