Top Movie Apps for iPhone 2019 – Download

Gone are the days where people used to buy their favorite movies in the form of Digital Disks, insert them in their video player, sit back and watch them. With everything going online these days, all your favorite movies are available to be streamed through apps that are exclusively created to carry over this particular purpose. Moreover, there are tons of movie streaming apps that can be downloaded, installed and accessed for free, straight from your smartphone itself. If you are an iPhone user, then you are about to explore a whole new world of top movie apps for iPhone 2019  that are known for providing the best online video streaming facility in them.

List of Free Movie Apps for iPhone

Although there are various free movie apps for iPhone available to download and install to your device, the following is a trusted list of latest movie apps for iPhone.

Showbox tops the list as it can be easily installed and accessed, unlike other apps that requires the users of iPhone to first jailbreak their device to install them. Free movie apps for iPhone like Show box are very rare to find, as the app has tons of features in them that can run smooth on any iOS running device.

How to Download Free Movie Apps for iPhone

Downloading and installing a movie streaming app to your iPhone shall be done in two different process. One is by searching for the app from Apple’s official App store and download directly from. If at all the download links are not available with them, then you need to follow up the second step.

The second step to download free movie apps for iPhone shall be jail breaking your iPhone to complete the process.

Jailbreaking is as easy as setting up a new iPhone, and anyone can easily jailbreak their device with. After jailbreaking your iPhone, you are about to explore tons of features that were hidden to be accessed with the device by Apple.

These new features shall let you install third party apps directly to your iPhone, like the free movie streaming ones. But in order to download them, you need to have Cydia installed in your iPhone.

Cydia is said to be a package manager app that has been exclusively created to find and install third party app on any jailbroken iPhones. Cydia has every other movie streaming apps to download from them. In short, Cydia is moreover like an alternative to Apple’s App Store, where you can get to download, install and access with any application that are restricted by Apple.

Upon downloading these free movie apps to your iPhone, you are about to watch your favorite movies on the go and no kind of harm shall happen to your device, as millions of users have already started watching video contents through Cydia.

If you still don’t want to jailbreak your iPhone to download a movie streaming app, you can download and install Share app that can tweak the default settings in your iPhone and let you install your favorite movie streaming apps in them.

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