Nomao Camera App Download for Android & iOS

There is a theory which says that we can witness hidden objects when they are exposed to certain path of light. By following this particular concept, an app has been developed for Android and for iOS device users. It has been named as nomao camera app and it completely follows the theory where a person can watch objects beyond reality. The app makes use of a secret algorithm that helps in manipulating the default camera code and completely changes the way it operates, providing an object at display behind human vision. The links to download nomao camera app is widely available for both Android and iOS device users. Although many people have named the app to be a prank one, it still works like a charm.

What is Nomao Camera App?

Nomao camera app, also known as the invisible app helps the users to witness close details to any object to which the camera app gets focused to. In short, it projects every single minute details of an image that you are about to capture through them. Also, one can witness these details while shooting them at first place.

How to Download Nomao Camera App?

The nomao camera app download links are widely available for Android users and if you are one among the millions of Android smartphone or tablet user, then you can either visit Google’s Play Store to download the app, or install the app by getting the apk file of Nomao camera app.

Download Nomao Camera Apk for Android

Although android users get to download the app officially from Google’s Play Store, one can also download and install them by getting the apk files from the official Nomao website. A lot of people prefer to download such apps from other sources rather than Google Play, which is a mystery on why they do it this way. Nomao camera apk file can be installed directly to your android running smartphone or tablet by downloading the file either to the internal or external memory card that are attached to the device.

Nomao Minimalistic Camera App Download from Playstore

Nomao Minimalistic Camera App Direct download link

Nomao Minimalistic Camera App Mediafire download links

Once you have downloaded the apk file from the direct download link, you need to turn on some features on your android device before installing the app to them.

Get into the Settings menu and then make sure to check the ‘Unknown Sources’ button. This particular option lets the android users install any third-party apps in the form of apk files directly to their device.

Android has this feature turned off by default. After providing the needed permission, the device shall accept the downloaded apk and install the app in less than a minute.

Download Nomao Camera App for iOS Devices

Update: Unfortunately, NOMAO for iOS was discontinued and there are not working versions of it available already.

The nomao camera app for iPhone, iPad or for iPod Touch is not available on the Apple’s App Store, as Apple thinks that this particular app violates their own rules and regulation. There are other ways one can install Nomao camera app to their iOS running devices and they are as follows.

Before starting with the process, one must have a jailbroken iOS device to install the app successfully on their device. If your device is not already jailbroken, then you can still do it, as jailbreaking will let you get full access to the device in the same time you may lose any guarantees on the phone, so please take your time and read more about this. Once your iOS device has been jail broken, you need to download the IPA file from the official web portal of Nomao. This particular IPA file lets the iOS users to install the Nomao camera app to their iPhones, iPads or even on their iPod Touch. Once the IPA file gets downloaded, simply open it to install on your device. The installation takes less than a minute and once you have installed it, you are about to explore a lot through this particular invisible camera app.

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