Root Genius Apk Download for Android – 2019

In this post you will be able to download Root Genius Apk to root your android device easily. Rooting android running smartphones and tablets were not a user-friendly one years back, but with many new rooting applications available, one can easily root their device in less than a minute of time. The Root Genius is one such android running tool application that can root any android running smartphone or tablet. The best feature about Root Genius application is that it allows the android users to root their device in one single click. It is one of the best rooting apps for android in 2019 year.

Latest Root Genius Apk for Android

This particular rooting application can be downloaded, installed and root them straight from your device, or download the PC version of the app, connect the smartphone to your PC and then complete the rooting process. If you are looking forward to root your android device without connecting them to your laptop or PC, then you need to download root genius apkfile from their official web portal.

Towel Root App is an alternative of Root Genius App. You can download this app on our website.

How to Download Root Genius Apk?

Unlike, other applications the root genius is not available for a download at Google’s Play Store, as Google doesn’t recommend the android users to root their device at first place. Rooting a device shall help android device users to get hands on features that were limited for them to access with.

This type of additional features can make one explore a lot with their android device. Although the app is not available at the Play Store, one can get root genius apk for android download links from their official web portal. The root genius apk download links are free to download, moreover, it can support with any version of android running root genius apk

Install Root Genius Apk

After downloading the apk file to your android running smartphone or tablet, you need to change some default settings to let the apk file get installed to the device.

Get into the ‘Settings’ menu and then look over for ‘Unknown Sources’ option. If it has been turned on in default, then you can easily install the apk file to the device. If it has been turned off, make sure to turn it on, so that the device can accept and install apps through apk files.

If this particular option has been turned off in default in your android device, then the device was manufactured to let the users get only limited access out of them. But keeping this feature on, you are about to explore a whole new android world.

This feature is moreover like providing sufficient permission from the device to install the apk file to them. It’s highly safe to turn this feature on and to install the latest root genius apk file with them.

Now, get back to the place where you have downloaded the root genius apk latest version and then open them up.

Install the application and then click upon the Root Genius app icon in your smartphone or tablet home screen.

Press upon the button that appears from the app to instantly root your android device.

Once the entire rooting process gets completed, the android running handset shall automatically reboot, confirming rooting action that has been made to the device.

NOTE: Before rooting your android device, it is highly advised to backup or store a copy of the files you have in your android device, either in your PC or in other hard drives, so that you’re saved data and other files shall stay safe.

Although Root Genius app shall not be deleting the files that you have stored with the device, taking a backup shall be a safety precaution you can do for your files with. If you are not able to root your android device with the apk file Root Genius app, make sure to download the latest version that works fine on any android running device.

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