Samsung Sidesync App Apk Download for Android, PC

Samsung Sidesync app is a phenomenal PC to mobile data transfer solution that lets the Samsung smartphone users to easily connect their phone to their PC or laptop and start sharing the screen, data and much more between them. There were days where every other mobile phone users had difficulties in transferring data between their phone and PC. This is where Samsung took the lead and developed their own data sharing app, known as Side sync app that not only lets the users to share data, but also allows them to screen share and even access their smartphone straight from their PC. For example, one can connect their Samsung smartphone and their PC using the Sidesync app and then send out emails or text messages straight from the PC, without having to access them using the smartphone. This type of unique feature definitely makes your everyday busy life into a simple one, as you can text, email, screen and data share at the same time with the Sidesync app.

Get Sidesync App for Android and PC

Many of the latest Samsung smartphones do have Sidesync app pre-installed in them. If you are using an older version of Samsung smartphone, you can still make use of the app by getting the links to download sidesync apk from the official website of Samsung. Also, if you are not a Samsung smartphone user, you can still download and access Sidesync app by downloading sidesync for android device. The Samsung sidesync apk file must be downloaded straight from the android smartphone that you are about to use the app with. Make sure to get the latest and updated version of sidesync download android apk, so that you can get to access many new features on the go. This type of getting links to download sidesync apk and installing them to your mobile device is completely safe as the app has been officially designed and developed by Samsung itself.

How to Use Sidesync App?

Once you have downloaded and installed the sidesync app to your Android running smartphone, you need to download Sidesync for Windows to your PC or laptop to start using them. If you are a MAC system user, then download Sidesync app for Mac from the official website of Samsung. This type of multiple options to download Sidesync for PC and for Mac has made the Sidesync app a popular one in recent times.

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Connect PC and Phone

The next process is about connecting your PC and smartphone to start sharing different things between them. This can be done either by making use of USB cable or by wirelessly connecting the smartphone to your PC using Wi-Fi. In order to wirelessly transfer data, you need to connect with the same Wi-Fi network on both your mobile device and PC. Open the app on both the devices at the same time, and then choose from any one of the device to pair with the other one. For example, open the Sidesync app from your mobile device and let the app search for available network to sync with.

You will be prompted with a message to send pairing message to your PC. Let the mobile device send out the message, and then accept the same message from your PC to complete the entire pairing process. Once you have connected your device wirelessly, the next time the app shall itself recognizes the PC and lets the users to access data sharing and other facilities without having the need to go through any kind of authentication process between them.

If you are not on a Wi-Fi connectivity area, you can still sync and share by connecting your mobile device using a USB cable. This type of USB cable pairing does not need any kind of verification process, as the PC itself recognizes the mobile devices and lets the users to access the app in less than a second.

Download SideSync App 2019

Sidesync download from Google Play Store

Best Samsung Sidesync Alternative Apps

If you are facing any kind of issues like Sidesync not working, then you need uninstall and re-install the app on both your smartphone and on your PC. Although there are many other Sidesync alternative available at the Google’s Play Store, this particular app works great as it is an official app that has been released by Samsung itself. AirDroidMyMobiler and dotPocket are some of the other best Samsung Sidesync alternatives available at the Play Store, yet, Sidesync remains the most downloaded file sharing app as it has been following with an authentic way to connect any Android running smartphone to a PC, laptop to a tablet.

Sidesync App Review and Tutorial – WATCH VIDEO

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