How to Upgrade Windows7 into Windows 8.1 Version Easy Process

As we know, Windows 8.1 is one of the famous, respected and ubiquitous operating system of Microsoft, with respect to its predecessor, Windows 7, this one has some differences that make it a little more attractive in terms of visual appearance, but also offers a few new features like app store and its new home screen, as well as major changes in some applications, everything conspires to not stop thinking about how to take a little time to carry our computer to a new level by the hand of Windows 8. However, upgrading an operating system is not a simple task, and most of the time can become quite traumatic, especially for users who have no experience in the subject .

Fortunately, Microsoft has developed a tool that allows us, through an automated attendant, namely in the first instance if our computer is suitable for Windows 8.1, and secondly provide us with the installation of the operating system “without hands dirty” and fit simple and fast, including the process of backup of all personal information we have stored on your computer. This article looks at the elements and tools that we download to successfully complete the task. Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1.

Steps to be Followed to Upgrade Windows 7 into Windows 8.1

  • First of all, the first thing we have to do is download the tool “Wizard upgrade to Windows 8.1” what we can do by clicking on this link.
  • Once you have downloaded on your computer, run it and wait until the program finishes check whether your computer is compatible with Windows 8.1 .
  • When the Upgrade Wizard for Windows 8.1 is finished, it will show a window with a report on the programs you have installed in equipment and are not compatible with the new OS version. In this regard, the program does nothing, so we have to be the ones in charge of downloading a version compatible with Windows 8.1 and reinstall these applications on the PC.
  •  At this point, we will have the possibility selecting the mode in which the operating system is installed. To do this, on the first screen that appears, two options are displayed: “Just personal files” and “Nothing”.
  • The first option allows us to keep all personal files, ie the set of documents, music, video and other files we have in our user folder.
  • The second option, “Nothing” does not store or protects any files, do a full format of the disc to prepare for installation from scratch. Note that if we repent of our decision, even we can recover our user files from the Windows.old folder, created during installation of the operating system, usually located in the root of the drive, ie C: \. However it is necessary to clarify that these files will remain in that folder for 28 days. Step 5: Finally, select the version of Windows you want to install and proceed to the actual installation.
  • We follow the instructions provided by the wizard to complete installing the operating system, which is really the simple and quick to perform.

That’s all, enjoy the benefits of Windows 8.1

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